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The Campaign for Birth Choices in Greece was set up in March 2008 in Thessaloniki, Northern Greece. Our aim is to support and promote natural childbirth and to address the increasingly commercialized birth services that most women are forced to use in Greece and the lack of information about the alternatives and the lack of information about the alternatives. We are interested in highlighting the malpractice of clinics and hospitals by creating a public dialogue as well as empowering women to demand alternatives to what is on offer.

Mother and BabyThe birth industry plays on our fear, as well as exploiting the misinformation conveyed to us by health professionals, doctors and clinics who seem to have lost sight of what natural birth is. Our role is a combination of pressure group, information resource about the Greek situation and discussion forum. Anyone who has had a birth experience affected by the issues we raise above, or who is interested in a fairer birth system in Greece is welcome to join us.

We believe that unless parents, service users and health professionals stand against the increasing development of money making birth services, nothing will change.  It is in our hands. Our priority is ensuring the best possible birth experience for mother and baby, which includes protecting their rights in all clinics and hospitals in Greece, and making sure the mother-to-be can access accurate information about alternatives such as home birth.

Research shows that a calm, stress-free and non-interventionist birth experience is the most positive start in life for the baby, and helps the bond between baby and parents.  We believe that another way of giving birth is possible and that the current system needs radical change from within. We welcome all women, with all birth experiences, including those who have experienced cesareans in previous births and who want to find an alternative.  We would like to support health professionals who are interested in changing current practices in Greece.  We believe natural birth is the best option for mother and baby, but we also support the right of all women to decide for themselves and their baby, providing they have been fully informed of their choices.


Personal empowerment: Support and information to women about the alternatives that are offered to the clinical and hospitals | Provide a space for women to talk about their birth experience, both good or bad | To help women become more assertive in demanding their rights in the process of childbirth.

Social and political Pressure/Education: To raise awareness that Cesarean is the main birth method in Greece and that it is a part of an over interventionist system | To question the legitimacy of clinic and hospital practices and the assumed superiority of a doctor led system | To expose malpractice in clinics and hospitals | To pressure for change in clinic and hospital birthing practices | To question the financial monopoly currently seen in the partnerships of private clinics, private gynaecologists and other partners in the birth industry in Greece | To raise awareness of alternatives to medicalized births | To raise awareness of the rights of both mother and baby in the birthing process | We recognize that there is potential involvement of professionals from many different specialties in the process of childbirth and believe it is right of every woman to choose which ones prefer to be present in her childbirth. We also recognize that midwives have played a crucial role in hundreds of years of childbirth but now their role is underestimated in Greece, which we believe should be changed. We also recognize the existence of community midwives and maternity assistants (doulas) working outside the official hospital system, which is a reality for most parts of the world, especially since the formal system often fails to meet the needs of women and children. These people have valuable experience and knowledge to share with us, who supplement the knowledge derived from more formal institutions such as hospitals, and we want to feel welcome in our campaign

Information gathering: To create an alternative bank of critical research and articles about the birthing process from a variety of different sources

Changing beliefs: To create a public dialogue on all these issues | To promote the idea that another birthing process is possible and that there is nothing natural or inevitable about the current system in Greece


The Campaign for Birth Choices in Greece, began in March of 2008 in Thessaloniki by the mothers, Sara Hannam and Daphne Arampatzoglou, to support and promote natural childbirth.

Quickly, many volunteers became members, such us future mothers, women, men, parents and in September of 2008 set up the association of Birth Choices.

At regular intervals, meetings are held in which interesting issues about birth are analyzed, informational material is projected and future actions of the association are decided.

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